Ground Game was in the LTM line up this week and i thought i could do a review on it.

The rules of the game? Well its really simple, you can only have up to 30 wood and 20 stone and metal, also they lowered the max amount of ammo as well.

Because they put a cap on the max Materials and Ammo it completely changes the game. So you can only do so many 90’s so it makes build fights almost impossible in this mode, so it makes sweats not build as much so if your a non experienced player with building it makes the ten times easier.

While fortnite still says on the loading screen for the LTM that you will have to use natural cover more often, i have only seen a couple people actually use natural cover. This is because of the problem where most natural cover only protects you from one side where if you make a box and a ramp you will use most materials but it will protect you from most angles.

With all the nerfs it may be a positive and a negative for a lot of players everyone will have there problems with this mode, for example I tend to smack trees and other random things I find in the map, and because of that habit i always smack stuff when i have full mats. I also find my self trying to build while forgetting i’m in the mode and try sweating but it doesn’t really work out. I usually die from fall damage.

While this mode is still out i will play it even though it isn’t one of the best modes in my opinion it isn’t the worst ether.